Tools for Life

More than Construction

Habitat for Humanity is known for building houses, but we provide our partner families with far more than just a roof over their heads. We know that becoming a homeowner is a large venture for everyone involved. It is a life-changing process and takes a lot of hard work, determination, and will-power. But we are encouraged that we continue to meet people like you who are up for the challenge. We don’t want to provide our partner families with a home, see them put in hours of hard work, just to leave them hanging. So we created a course that will provide training and support for any life challenges that may come along. Our Tools for Life classes will set our homeowners up for success. 


From day one, we help our partner families develop a full set of tools to craft a brighter future. When a partner family is accepted into our home buying program, they agree to complete sweat equity hours before they sign the lease for their Habitat home. Our Tools for Life classes are a part of this Sweat Equity component. Each partner family must complete several required classes over the course of our Tools for Life program. These classes will help prepare families for the responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. They will teach skills to future homeowners like how to maintain their homes, how to acclimate into their new neighborhoods, and how to face life’s challenges.  Habitat’s goal is to empower families to become knowledgeable and successful homeowners.

Class Topics

Now that you understand what Tools for Life is and why it is important, you may be wondering what topics we cover. During our Tools for life classes, we cover a range of topics from the basics of banking to how to eat healthy on a budget. You can also expect topics such as financial education, budgeting, credit cards, credit reports, debt and loans, saving, investing and planning for the future, how to handle emergencies, as well as understanding your Habitat mortgage. Gaining a more in-depth understanding of these important concepts is crucial to becoming a successful homeowner. These skills will become part of a tool belt you can use to build a better future. They are skills that you will be able to carry with you for life. 

Class Schedule

Now that you know the great topics we cover, you’re most likely wondering when you can attend these classes. We try to hold two to three classes each month. We do schedule these courses in advance so our homeowners and community members are able to make arrangements in plenty of time. You can find the upcoming schedule below, and you can find the events on our Facebook Page here.

Upcoming Classes:

Below you will find a list of all of the upcoming classes we have scheduled so far.


While Habitat requires our future homeowners to attend these Tools for Life classes, the classes are also free and open to the public. We keep these classes open to the public because we believe that everyone can benefit from adding these great tools to their tool belt. Please register if you plan to attend. Adults only please, as no childcare will be provided. To register for a Tools for Life class, please contact Morgan Ash, Partner Services Associate, at 417-829-4001 x 114.

Teach a Tools for Life Class:

Our Tools for Life classes are dependent on the kindness of volunteers organizations we are partnered with. Habitat for Humanity has partnered with amazing experts who care about the community and donate their time to teach our classes. If you are interested in teaching a Tools for Life class, please contact Morgan Ash, Partner Services Associate, at 417-829-4001 x 114.

Sponsor our Tools for Life Classes:

Support our homeowner education program by sponsoring a year of classes! All sponsors receive logo recognition on our website, social media, and newsletter. To sponsor our program, please contact Abby Glenn, Development Director at 417-829-4001 x 109.

Sponsorship Package – Tools for Life