Beams of Hope

Be part of the Habitat for Humanity tradition as we start construction on a seven-bedroom home for the Wilmoth Family! Make a donation to help us fill the walls of the Wilmoth home with messages of love and encouragement. The Beams of Hope campaign is sponsored by American National.

Messages of Hope:

American National has provided a $5,000 matching donation to kick off construction for the Wilmoth Family! This means that any donation you make to the Beams of Hope campaign will be DOUBLED and will have TWICE the impact! To participate in the Beams of Hope campaign follow these easy steps:

1: Make a donation of any amount to Habitat for Humanity by June 30, 2020! Donate online here >

Donate Now!

2: Send in your message of hope for the Wilmoth Family. Your words can offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration. Possible examples:

  • A favorite bible verse
  • Welcome Home!
  • Fill this house with love

We will transfer your message of hope to an actual beam that our construction team will use to frame the Wilmoth’s seven-bedroom home! Our construction team will use approximately 250 2×4 studs to build this home. So help us fill the walls with messages of hope!

Beams of Hope Viewing Party:

As construction begins on the Wilmoth home, the actual beams filled with your messages of hope will frame the walls! Join us for a viewing party to find your Beam of Hope! The viewing party is tentatively scheduled for late July 2020. Stay tuned for updates as construction begins!

Meet the Wilmoth’s:

Josh and Kristina have been married for 19 years. They are the dedicated parents of eight children that they have gained through birth, foster care, and adoption. After having two children, the family struggled to grow their family and suffered the loss of two babies.

After the losses, the family realized they would grow their family in another way. Josh and Kristina began to foster sibling groups through the Greene County Children’s Division and by May 2019, the family had grown from a family of four to a family of ten through six permanent adoptions!

Though the family has faced unfortunate circumstances, Josh and Kristina both earned degrees from local universities. Josh is the pastor at a local church, and Kristina works as the Marketing Director for a local nonprofit.

The Wilmoth’s 7-Bedroom Home:

Construction on the Wilmoth’s seven-bedroom home will begin in mid June 2020. This home will be the first seven-bedroom home build by Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, Missouri! To volunteer for the Wilmoth Build, click here.

Questions & Learning More:

If you have questions or are looking to learn more about donating to Habitat for Humanity, contact Abby Glenn, Development Director at 417-829-4001 x 109.