Beams of Hope

Be part of the Habitat for Humanity tradition as we start renovating a three-bedroom home for the Weller Family designed for accessibility! Make a donation to help us fill the beams of the Weller’s porch with messages of love and encouragement. The Beams of Hope campaign is sponsored by American National.

Messages of Hope:

American National has provided a $5,000 matching donation to support the renovation of the Weller Family’s home to meet accessibility needs! This means that any donation you make to the Beams of Hope campaign will be DOUBLED and will have TWICE the impact! To participate in the Beams of Hope campaign follow these easy steps:

1: Make a donation of any amount to Habitat for Humanity by July 31, 2021! Donate online here >

Donate Now!

2: Send in your message of hope for the Weller Family. Your words can offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration. Possible examples:

  • A favorite bible verse
  • Welcome Home!
  • Fill this house with love

We will transfer your message of hope to an actual beam that our construction team will use as we begin renovating the Weller’s home! Our first step in the renovation is rebuilding the front porch. Help us fill this home with messages of hope!

The Wellers:

Dee Weller and her daughter, Paige, had been in rental properties for years. They’ve encountered numerous problems with their rentals that were not being fixed, including broken appliances, a leaking roof, and more. “You’re either paying a lot for something you can’t afford, or paying less, but you get what you get,” said Dee.  After a particularly frustrating week in a hotel room while their rental property was being fixed, Dee researched and reached out to Habitat for Humanity, applied to be a homeowner, and was approved!

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, the Wellers will soon own a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home. Habitat is working with Dee to accommodate her accessibility needs, such as providing lower light switches, higher power outlets, and appliances that she is able to use and operate without support. “A lot of things are going to be more accessible to me, and I’ve never lived in a house that’s accessible for me, so I’m excited.” Paige is particularly looking forward to finally be in a place she knows is her permanent home and to add a dog to the family, as they cannot currently do so in their rental.

Dee continued, “I’m excited to own my own home and do it how I’d like. Of course, it is a huge responsibility, but I’m ready for it. I’m a responsible person – absolutely!” The Wellers’ home is already constructed, but renovations began in mid-June 2021 and should be completed in fall 2021. “Forever home. That’s the way we look at it. I’m never moving again. We’ve worked hard for it, and it feels great!”

Questions & Learning More:

If you have questions or are looking to learn more about donating to Habitat for Humanity, contact Daniel Schekorra, Brand Manager at 417-829-4001 x 115.